NECAR LATTES / เน็คต้าร์ ลาเต้

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Nectar® Lattes is a whey protein isolate powder that has the taste and sensory

characteristics of the perfect latte or coffee drink.


In the world of protein beverage powders, the name Nectar® signifies delicious fruit juice flavors. It means 

ZERO carbs and ZERO fat. It means instant mixability when mixed with water. It means a pure flavor with 

no strange aftertastes or hints of protein. To put it simply, Nectar® is the de facto image of quality when it comes to protein drinks. 

As the symbol of protein excellence, we did not want to limit Nectar® to only fruit juice flavors. We therefore researched
long and hard to find other beverage flavors that would be perfectly compatible with the high-quality standards that Nectar

has achieved. After much experimentation and discovery, we developed Nectar® Lattes. Caramel Macchiato,
Vanilla Latte and the original decaf Cappuccino highlight the perfect success we had in creating these coffee-flavored 

protein powders. With all of the taste characteristics of a barista-made coffee and with no off-note flavors,
®Lattes is sure to please the most discriminating coffee drinker.


Syntrax Nectar Lattes Whey Protein Isolate 907 g (2 lbs)
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